Welcome to our blog for Finnish learners and fans of Finland! Here you will find posts about Finland, Jyväskylä and Finnish language both in English and in Finnish. Enjoy!

Jyväskylä city navigation guide

What happens first when you arrive to Jyväskylä? You will probably find yourself at Matkakeskus - the city's long-distance transport center - either by bus or train. Matkakeskus is located right in the heart of the city. But where to go after that? Let's have a Jyväskylä mini-tour!

The ABCs of Finglish – Starter Pack for Beginners

Language is constantly changing and developing. Although Finns love their original and endearing language, it also takes influences from the English language. Sometimes the influence is so obvious that some words and phrases might turn into Finglish; the beautiful alliance of English and Finnish. Here you have a short Finglish lesson with common Finglish expressions!

Finnish sayings and their meanings

Do you know what it means when something leaves from a mitten or when a day is on a sled? How is a rabbit connected to relaxing? The Finnish language has many interesting sayings with funny literal meanings. However, the sayings have wise metaphorical meanings that you can learn from.

Summer activities in Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä is known as a beautiful summer city full of fun activities. Who wouldn’t love to try different saunas near the Lake Jyväsjärvi, enjoy a nice summer day on the deck of a restaurant ship or admire stunning nature around the hills of Laajavuori?

Pääsiäinen Suomessa

Suomalaiseen pääsiäiseen kuuluu rairuoho, kukat sekä maukkaat herkut, kuten suklaamunat ja mämmi. Pajunoksilla virpomista unohtamattakaan!