Courses for Immigrants

Summer University of Jyväskylä organizes integration and literacy training for immigrants in Central Finland yearly. Our integration and literacy courses are open for immigrants in Central Finland with an active integrations plan by TE-services. In order to apply for our courses, please contact first your local TE-services/immigration services.

Unfortunately you cannot participate in integration training or literacy training if you don't live in Finland and you don't have an active integration plan. Instead please check out our Online Finnish Language Courses and Finnish Language and Culture Intensive courses in Jyväskylä.

Our current courses for immigrants:

  • For immigrants who no longer have a valid integration plan:
    • Summer Finnish course for immigrant women in Jyväskylä - coming again in summer 2024
    • Summer Finnish course for immigrant women in Jämsä - coming in summer 2024
  • Integration training
    • Aimed for adults with no to little Finnish skills
    • Integration plan needed
  • Finnish literacy training
    • UMAKO in Jyväskylä (collaboration with Jyväskylän kansalaisopisto) - organized yearly starting August 
    • Literacy training in Jyväskylä spring 2024
      • 15.1.–7.6.2024, lessons daily -13.30
      • Aimed for immigrants who need further training in reading and writing in latin alphabet before moving forward to integration training or other courses
      • Integration plan needed


   Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us:
   Planning coordinator Jenni Panula-Ontto
   +358 44 760 3725