Cultural program

An essential part of the course is our diverse cultural program which brings people to the course year after year. The cultural program is one of a kind in Finland: you will not get an opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and culture anywhere else!

By taking part in the cultural program you’ll get more familiar with the Finnish culture and customs and get a chance to explore the beautiful Jyväskylä. The activities are led by native Finns, giving you a chance to practice your newly learned Finnish skills outside of the classroom, too!

Our course includes diverse cultural activities taking place approximately four days a week during evenings and weekends. Overall, the cultural program is organized for approximately 40 hours. Some of the cultural activities are included in the course fee, and some require additional payments. Our cultural program is one of a kind in Finland, and it combines the best parts of Finnish summer and language learning through interesting and memorable experiences!

The cultural program is planned together with local partners. The program includes trips to nature, sightseeing, and visits outside Jyväskylä. During the course the cultural program helps students get to know the Finnish way of life through food, culture, daily life and other activities accompanied by natives. During the course we go to the sauna, enjoy the light summer evenings, make trips to the beautiful nature and nearby cities, and a lot more.

Examples of cultural program:

  • Welcome evening, games and getting to know each other
  • Walking tour in the city center
  • Language café
  • Sauna evening, swimming in a lake
  • Boat cruise on lake Jyväsjärvi
  • Visiting local cultural sites
  • Trip to another town or municipality
  • Midnight sun hike to Hyyppäänvuori -viewpoint
  • Cooking Finnish cuisine
  • Pub crawl
  • Visiting local museums
  • Farewell evening

All cultural activities are guided. Course participants can choose activities that they are interested in, or even take part in all of them should they wish to do so! Registration for cultural activities takes place during the course.

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