Studying on the Intensive Course

Welcome to the Intensive Course in Finnish Language and Culture by The Summer University of Jyväskylä!

Study groups
The teaching is organized in language level groups ranging from beginners to advanced (0-C1). In the 2020 course there will be four or five level groups depending on the student amount. Groups size is max 16 students.

The preliminary group assignments are made based on the information from registration (motivation letter and self-evaluation). At the beginning of the course, we will conduct a small test to make sure the students are in the right group. Changes in the groups are possible during the first week of studies.


On which level you consider yourself to be in the beginning of the course?

Group 1
Starting level 0 - A1.1

You know some words and phraces in Finnish.
You can express some basic things about yourself in Finnish.
You want to be in a group that starts its work by repeating the basics in Finnish language.

Group 2
Starting level A1.2

You understand and can produce simple sentences in Finnish. For example, can you answer these questions: What do you do every day? What do you like? What do you want?
You are no longer a complete beginner, but you still need help writing or speaking Finnish.

Group 3
Starting level A2

You will manage in your life using Finnish, but you still will need a broader vocabulary and structure review.
You can speak and write in Finnish on topics you are familiar with.

Group 4
Starting level B1

You understand normal-paced speech and are able to discuss and write in Finnish on various topics.
You want to recap the basics and strengthen your speaking skills.

Group 5
Starting level B2

You can do almost anything you want in Finnish.
However, you still want to refine structures and expand your vocabulary.

Note! Every year the themes, structure, and teaching methods might differ depending on the group and its teacher. Teachers plan their teaching to a certain level, but they also listen to students' wishes. 

You can evaluate your Finnish language skills here:

What will we do on the course?
During the course every level group will practice speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. They will also practice different ways of learning the language and create effective study routines so that the learning would continue effectively also beyond the course.

The teaching methods are versatile taking every student into account. There may be small exams during the course and students may be asked to give a small presentation in Finnish. There is no bigger test at the end of the course, but you will get an evaluation from your teacher of how your language skills have developed.

The language of instruction is Finnish, but English may be used as an auxiliary language if required.

Study material
You will be provided a textbook chosen by the teacher in the beginning of the course. It is included in the course price. 
In addition to the textbook, the teaching materials include: authentic texts, music and videos. The contents are genuinely useful also in the later stages of your studies.

Professional Finnish language teachers are responsible for the course teaching and course content.
We will update the teacher information during the winter.