Presentation and operation forms

The Summer University of Jyväskylä is an institution that implements education concerning the laws of Finnish Adult Education. As ideologically and politically uncommitted institution, the Summer University of Jyväskylä supports with its functions the realization of lifelong learning, mental wellbeing as well as educational equality’s principles in the region of Central Finland. 

The Summer University of Jyväskylä organises need based and current education for individuals, companies and societies. The trainings are primarily open for everybody regardless of age and educational background, and the teaching is organised by taking into account the possibilities to study of people in different situations in life. The trainings complement and diversify the other educational offering the area.

The values of the Summer University of Jyväskylä are lifelong learning, mental wellbeing and the educational equality. The objective of the functions is to offer a possibility for lifelong learning as well as to support the wellbeing of the residents in Central Finland.

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Operation forms

The professional supplementary education of the Summer University offers insights and know-how to the working life. We organize public trainings, which develop knowledge and abilities in working life, all the year round. These trainings are suitable for many occupational fields as supplementary education.
In our course programme, there are trainings e.g. from the following fields: Health and Wellbeing, Teaching, Law as well as Communication in written and spoken forms. The course programmes of the Open University can also be utilized for personal occupational development.

The Open University studies of the Summer University are academic courses and study programmes open to everybody. The studies are organised throughout the year and it is possible to perform them flexibly alongside working. Most subjects are suitable for minor studies and optional subjects for the ones studying in tertiary studies. The Open University studies are also well suitable for those who are applying to a university and the studies may enhance the possibilities to succeed in the entrance exams.
The Summer University completes the study programmes of the regional tertiary studies by bringing Open University studies from other universities and universities of applied sciences to the area. The study programmes consist of courses that are not organised by the local tertiary institutions. In most subjects, it is possible to study either separate courses or basic and subject study modules.

In the Summer University’s study programme, there are also courses that support the progress in high school as well as courses that prepare for the matriculation examinations. With these candidate and high school courses, the students receive confidence in the overall studying and for the matriculation exams, as well as they get to learn new things and test their knowledge. The teaching is organized in the guidance of professional and motivational teachers. We also organize refresher and supporting courses that are suitable for any stage in high school. Some of the courses are also realized on the Internet. Ask from your high school’s subject teacher about the possibility to include our courses to your certificate of graduation!

The Summer University organizes high quality language courses for different needs. Language courses are realized e.g. as a part of the Open University studies, professional supplementary education as well as activities of the University of the Third Age. The supporting language of the teaching is usually Finnish. We have also organized over thirty years the Intensive Summer Course in Finnish Language, which gathers students from all over the world.

The University of the Third Age (UTA) is a scientific meeting spot of knowledge and life experience. In the University of the Third Age, there are weekly lecture series, different seminars and courses, IT training and field trips without pressures over grades or performance. All interested are warmly welcome to join. The UTA activities are also organized together with the University of Jyväskylä and the city of Jyväskylä.

There are plenty of things to wonder and investigate in the world for all ages. The University of the Children and the Youth (UCY) offers a new functioning form, with which the younger ones can familiarize themselves with the fields operating in the University. The meaning of the courses and workshops is to inspire children and the young to bravely explore the world of science, art and research. The scientific work is done by researching, evaluating, wondering, getting inspired as well as experimenting by oneself. The University of the Children and the Youth is organized together with the University of Jyväskylä.

We plan and organize trainings also based on our customers’ wishes. We tailor a high quality and cost-effective event or training programme in interaction with the buyer.