Erasmus+ for staff working in education

Do you work in education? Are you searching for an Erasmus+ course? Want to learn about the famous Finnish education and experience learning a new language in a modern setting? Join our Intensive Courses in Finnish Language and Culture through Erasmus+ funding!

Erasmus+ courses for staff working in education

Eramus+ is the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport. If your own institution has applied and been granted Eramus+ funding, you might have the chance to join our Finnish Intensive Courses through Erasmus+ programme. Our Intensive Courses in Finnish Language and Culture qualify for Erasmus+ funding. These courses meet the quality standards for courses under Eramus+ Key Action 1 (learning mobility of individuals). The rest of our course selection is currently not suitable for Eramus+ participants.

Please note, that the sending institution (your employer organisation) must apply for the funding, more information on European Union's website. Summer University of Jyväskylä cannot assist in applying for the funding.

Process of registration, when joining our courses as an Eramus+ participant:
1. Your organisation has applied and been granted Eramus+ funding
2. Get to know our Intensive Courses in Finnish Language and Culture
3. Make sure your organisation/employer approves participating on our course through Erasmus+ funding. This includes some paperwork at your sending institution. 
4. Fill in the registration form on our website. If you need some Erasmus+ related documents (e. g. Erasmus+ Training Agreement) signed by us, please contact us at
5. You will receive a course information letter as well as your invoice/online payment link in December (Winter Intensive Course) or in May/June (Summer Intensive Course). Usually participant pays the invoice themselves and is reimbursed by getting the Eramus+ grant from their sending institution, but this might vary depending on your institution. 

Interested in an Erasmus+ mobility visit at Summer University of Jyväskylä?

We regularly engage in joint Eramus+ mobility projects including e. g. job shadowing and partnership visits. Please get in contact with our principal, if your institution is interested in visiting us and learning more about what we do!