Jyväskylän kesäyliopisto

Intensive summer course in Finnish language and culture



Jyväskylä is a middle-sized town (almost 130 000 inhabitants)in the beautiful lake district of Central Finland. It is within easy access from for example Helsinki. There are very good connections by air, bus and rail. More information about Jyväskylä: www.jyvaskyla.fi.

The weather in Finland can be variable, even in July. The temperature may remain in the high twenties, with beautiful, sunny days, but the temperature may also be below twenty centigrade, with chilly and rainy days. It is wise to be well prepared!

The course will take place at the Jyväskylä Training and developing center Salmia ( before called Labour Institution), address: Salmirannantie 8, 40520 Jyväskylä. You can check the location from the Jyväskylä map service: http://kartta.jkl.fi/.




 Jyväskylä Training and developing center Salmia gives you a choice of affordable accommodation. It is a modern education center and is situated quite close to the city center of Jyväskylä (about 5 km). Homepages  www.salmia.info gives further information in finnish. There is a possibility for accommodation in the dormitory in a single or a double room. Please make the room reservation by this application form or to the Summer University of Jyväskylä by e-mail kesayliopisto@jyu.fi by 14th of May. See the application form for the room reservation and meals here. N.B. There is a restricted number of rooms!



 Options for accommodation:

 • Half board in a single or a double room: in a single room 1009,50 € and in a double room 791,50 € . Half board includes accommodation, on weekdays breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee and evening meal ( snack).
Meals will be served in a Cafeteria ( in a main building), weekends being an exception when you’ll receive only the breakfast.
Accommodation without meals in single room  (breakfast included) 781,50 € and in a double room without meals (breakfast included) 563,50 €. At weekends you’ll receive only the breakfast

Meals & eatings
If you don't stay at the Institute, you can buy the meals. N.B. You have to order a lunch and coffee packed  for the whole week at the same time, a week previously. Lunch 7.50 €, afternoon coffee 3.50 €  

It is recommended to let us know in advance in case you haven’t booked half-board and would like to eat lunch here during the first week of your stay. In case you’re following a special diet, please let us know about it before your arrival.

N.B There is no staff at weekends. The rooms are primarily rehuoneserved for the course participants. If there are rooms available, it is possible to rent the rooms also for the family members (the same fee as for course participants). If you come before 27th of July or leave later than 15th of July, the charge is 33,00 €/night in single room per person and  21 €/night in a double room per a person. (included no breakfast)

 Equipment in the rooms:

There will only be some necessary facilities at your comfort. The rooms don’t have TVs. There are a toilet and a shower, beds, a desk, a chair and radio in the rooms. Some rooms have a refrigerator too.Towels and bedclothes are included all the rooms. Towels will be changed twice a week and bedclothes once during the course.

Wireless internet connection for free use is available from Monday to Friday 7 am to 8 pm. The connection functions at its best inside or near to the main building. One common-use computer with fixed internet connection is available at the main building all times. Some outdoor and indoor games are available at the reception, a pool table, darts, NintendoWii, Karaoke equipments and couple bicycles with helmets among other things.

Sauna premises with two buildings – a traditional sauna and a modern sauna with lounge, fireplace and kitchen – and a quay open to a beautiful lake-view and are accessible all times for the participants. Even a row-boat and outdoor-grill are at your convenience anytime. A kitchen and a lounge are shared with participants. In the lounge there is a TV, chairs and a table. In the kitchen you will find a refrigerator, a microwave, a coffee maker, a water heater, a stove and some dishes. There is washing powder available for hand wash at the sauna. Also one washing machine is for the course participants.

Sauna building, beautiful shore of the lake, grill place and rowing -boat are use for the residents the whole time during the course. It is also possible take a sauna every evening. The preparing of traditional smoke-heated sauna is possible too for a fee. 










Jyväskylän kesäyliopisto

PL 35 
p. 044 760 3730

Jyväskylän yliopisto,
Agora -rakennus,agora
Mattilanniemi 2
(3. kerros, Ag B331.1)

Toimisto avoinna ma-pe
klo 9.00-15.00

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