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The joy of learning in the most beautiful part of Finland!

Finnish course: Intensive Summer Course in Finnish Language and Culture

Intensive Summer Course in Finnish Language and Culture 2017 has ended. Information about the Intensive course 2018 will be updated on our webpage shortly.

Come and enjoy the international atmosphere, study Finnish language and get to know the Finnish way of life this summer on the Intensive Course in Finnish Language and Culture of the Summer University of Jyväskylä.

  • From July 3rd to July 21st 2017


  • The course consists of five contact teaching lessons/day during weekdays (5 x 45 minutes), and other supervised learning activities, a total of 80 lessons (6 ETCS). The lessons will be given mainly in Finnish, but English will be used if necessary.


  • The course is aimed at everyone over the age of 17 and who is interested in Finnish language and culture. The teaching is organized in level groups, from beginners to advanced level (A1-C1).


  • We also organize versatile recreational activities and experiences that take place during evenings and weekends. Part of the programme is free of charge. Students get to know Finnish nature, culture and customs in an authentic environment, led by friendly and enthusiastic Finnish leisure tutors.


  • The course is located in Jyväskylä (Mattilanniemi)
  • You may reserve a room from Hotel Alba. The price for a single Economy room is 63 € / night and for a double Standard room 37 € /night/person (74 € /night /total). The price includes buffet breakfast, WiFi-connection, parking space, sauna times separately for men and women, cleaning and 24/7 front desk. Registration by 30.5.2017 by tel. +358 14 636 311 or by e-mail: info@hotellialba.fi . You can also make a reservation via internet www.hotellialba.fi/en/  When making the reservation, please use the campaign code: SUOMI2017
  • Other accommodation options: http://visitjyvaskyla.fi/en/stay-over-relax/accommodation


  • The price of the Intensive Finnish course is 695 €. The price includes the course materials but does not include accommodation. You can register by filling the registration form by 14.5.2017 at latest here.  
  • The price for the students and personnel of University of Jyväskylä and of JAMK University of Applied Sciences 645 €

      Free time programme


      An essential part of the course is our diverse free time programme which brings people to the course year after year. The free time programme is one of a kind in Finland: you will not get an opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and culture, like with us in Jyväskylä, anywhere else!

      By taking part in the free time programme you’ll get more familiar with the Finnish culture and customs and get a chance to explore the beautiful Jyväskylä. The activities are led by native Finns, giving you a chance to practise your newly learned Finnish skills outside of the classroom, too!

      Free time activities are organized approximately five to six times a week. During the course we go to sauna, enjoy the light summer evenings around an open fire, make trips to the beautiful nature and nearby cities, and a lot more. Some of the free time programme is free of charge for the course participants, some is paid for separately.

      You can find the 2016 course timetable with the free time programme here.

      Level groups and course contents

      The course participants are divided into separate level groups, to make sure everyone has a possibility to have tuition to suit their needs and learn Finnish at a comfortable pace. There will be 3-4 level groups each year according to the number of participants.

      In 2017, the preliminary division will be made already before the course. Participants will receive a questionnaire concerning their skills in Finnish language during the spring.

      You can see and download the 2016 course syllabus here.

      Course descriptions 2017

      Level 1: 0-A1

      This is a basic course of the Finnish language which is meant to those who do not yet know Finnish at all or who know it only a little. The course is also suitable to those students who have studied Finnish a bit, but whose language skills are still insufficient to express oneself in Finnish. The content includes familiarizing oneself with the basics of the Finnish language, practicing the most common everyday situations and getting to know the culture as well as the language. The course is taught in English and the course book is Suomen mestari 1. Grammar will be developed at a pace that is comfortable for the group and the focus will be on the very basics, for example forming questions and using verbs in the present tense. The aim is to create a basis for studying the Finnish language, but there is also an emphasis on strategies of learning and using the language.

      Level 2: A1-A2/B1

      After the course the student will be able to communicate fluently in informal social situations and describe past and future events of their own life. The student can also express and validate opinions on a familiar topic both orally and literally in a simple way. The student is able to write down notes or informal messages related to their everyday life as well as other brief texts. They understand short, simple and predictable spoken and written texts and can also gather essential information from a longer text. The student knows and can utilize different strategies and cues offered by the context for using and learning the language in various linguistic situations. The grammar structures that will be addressed include the imperfect, combining sentences with conjunctions and the joka-pronoun, ma-infinitive and word types. In addition to the language, the course deepens the knowledge of the Finnish culture.

      Level 3: B1-C1

      After the course the student will be able to perform fluently in informal interactive situations that are related to their own life. The student is able to handle everyday social exchanges together with more official communicative situations. They can comprehend the essential points from texts or speech regarding familiar and somewhat unfamiliar topics. They can also write consistent and clear official or semi-official messages and convey information, which they have gathered, to the others. The student can also actively utilize one’s own strategies of using and learning the language as well as cues offered by the context in different linguistic situations. According to the level and aspirations of the students, the grammar structures that will be addressed include, for example, conditional, passive, imperative, clause types, case governments and comparative of adjectives. Eventually with respect to the level of the students, characteristics of formal and informal style, polite indirect speech and idioms can also be practiced to reinforce the comprehension of the language as well as one’s own expressive skills. In addition to the language, the course deepens the knowledge of the Finnish culture.


      Note! Every year the themes, structure, and teaching methods might be different depending on the group and its teacher.

      Feedback from previous years

      The feedback we have received from our course participants has been excellent. Here are a few comments from our students:

      • ”The lessons were very well planned, paying attention to the students’ proficiency level”
      • ”I learned many new things about Finnish language and culture. And I had great fun!”
      • ”There was an international atmosphere, and you got to meet new, nice people from all over the world”
      • ”I am happy that there was a lot of well-planned activity outside the lessons, too”
      • ”The course programme included lots of different things”
      • ”There was not too much pressure in having to learn everything immediately”

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