Jyväskylän kesäyliopisto

The joy of learning in the most beautiful part of Finland!

Intensive Summer Course in Finnish Language and Culture

Summer 2014

Come and enjoy the international atmosphere, study Finnish language and get to know the Finnish way of life in the intensive course of the Summer University of Jyväskylä.

We will update the information during the fall and winter. Ask more!

Free time programme

An essential part of the course is our diverse free time programme, which brings people to the course year after year. By taking part in the programme you’ll get more familiar with the Finnish culture & customs and get a chance to explore the beautiful Jyväskylä.

In 2013 free time activities were organized approximately five times a week. During the three weeks we went to the sauna, made pancakes in an open fire, made a trip to the nature and visited the city of Kuopio. Some of the free time programme was free of charge for the course participants, some was paid separately.

Level groups and course contents

In the first day of the course, the course participants are divided into separate level groups. The levels of the groups are determined based on the skill of the course participants. The teachers aim to design the contents of the tuition to suit the course participants’ needs. For this reason, the course is different every year.

In the year 2013 there were altogether three level groups. For the year 2014 we aim to organize four study groups depending on the amount of participants.

Note. Next year the themes, structure and teaching methods might be different depending on the group and its teacher.

Feedback from previous years

The feedback we have received from our course participants has been excellent. Here are a few comments from our students:

  • ”The lessons were very well planned, paying attention to the students’ proficiency level”
  • ”I learned many new things about Finnish language and culture. And I had great fun!”
  • ”There was an international atmosphere, and you got to meet new, nice people from all over the world”
  • ”I am happy that there was a lot of well-planned activity outside the lessons, too”
  • ”The course programme included lots of different things”
  • ”There was not too much pressure in having to learn everything immediately”