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The next Finnish Intensive Course Winter will be arranged from Jan 17th to Jan 26th 2022.  
Registration period starts in Autumn 2021.

45  teaching hours (4 ETCS) in Finnish language, and approximately 15 hours of cultural programme.

Get to know Finnish language and lifestyle in an international atmosphere on the Intensive Summer Course organized by the Summer University of Jyväskylä!

The course is aimed at anyone over the age of 17 from anywhere in the world, who is interested in learning about Finnish language and culture. Language teaching is organized in a group suitable for participants language skills. You need to apply for the course and we will accept you to take part in it, if we get enough participants for a group suitable for you.

The course has a professional and highly motivated teacher. Our staff is committed to making sure that you get the most out of your course in an inspiring atmosphere.

Language lessons take place during the day. Alongside official lessons our free time programme organizes trips to nature, sightseeing and getting to know the Finnish way of life through various activities. During 10 days our students get to go on a diverse and intensive journey  into Finnish language and culture.

Why should I join?

* Intensive
* Diverse
* Memorable
* Effective